EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020

Source: EU-Commission, GD Communication

Emerging stronger from the crisis: the European vision
Source: EU-Commission, GD Communication



LLL"CCC" Project - For Better Business Cooperation in Europe more...

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LIBERTAS Publishing extends its e-Publishing programmes


 Together with the start of the Kindle Shop with Amazon Germany, LIBERTAS offers now some of its publications (see logo beside the publicationin our book shop) as Kindle e-book for download Kindle e-books Germany The offer will be expanded continuously. ..




List of all EEIG (zip) - in all EU- and EEA-Countries As to: 11.12.2014


The EEIG in European research: 

For universities, research institutions, research administration, researching enterprises etc. The EU demands more and more so-called “dedicated legal structures” for research projects, so that they work sustainably, also for the time after the project duration. more...


European Union Foreign Affairs Journal - eQuarterly for European Foreign, Foreign Trade, Development, Security Policymore...; new: No. 1 - 2011 (pdf)

Европейский журнал иностранных дел – Our Flyer in Russian 


EWIV/EEIG eJournal  

eJournal on EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping) more...

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We look for interested and interesting people from all over the world

Preferably students (undergraduate/graduates) who would like to have an Internship with LIBERTAS – European Institute GmbH more...


European Company - Societas Europeae (SE)

On the pages of the European EEIG Information Centre we publish

Statistics (pdf) List per countries (zip) registered SE's As to: 11.12.2014.

Laws (Directives, Regulations, Implementation Laws: DE, EN, FR, IT)


New Books (shop):


Sourajit Aiyer: FLYING WITH THE WINGED ELEPHANT - Niche Opportunities for Global Businesses that May Emerge in India more...


European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) 

List (pdf) - As to: 11.12.2014. Regulations (DE, EN, FR, IT - zip-file),

Examples for EGTC see EEIG page  




Ofelya Sargsyan: Pleading For Armenia's Accession To The European Union. more ..., order (e-book), order (print-book)


Gohar Yeranyan: Acemoglu's Model and the Reality - Dynamics of Economic and Political Power in the Former Soviet Union Countries. more..., order (e-book); order (print-book)


Didem Ekinci: Russia and the Balkans after the Cold War. more..., order (e-book); order (print-book)


European Cooperative Society

Societas Cooperativa Europeae (SCE), List (pdf) As to: 11.12.2014.

Regulations (DE, EN, FR, IT - zip-file)

European Foundation (FE)  

Here  we have information about the state of the legislation for a European Foundation


"From Inside - LIBERTAS - European Institute eNewsletter" (formerly "LIBERTASdotcom").more...

Italian Province and University Do Research on European Legal Forms

The EWIV/EEIG Information Centre at LIBERTAS is partner of the University of Trento more...



LIBERTAS Europäische Zeitschrift  – European Review – Revue européenne 

free download 1984-1992 more... 






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